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8 reasons to eat local & seasonal

When we think about the abundance of whole foods that the earth has provided for us and why things grow when and where they do, the question of why we should eat local and seasonal definitely comes up.

“Eating locally isn’t just a fad – it may be one of the most important ways we can save ourselves and the planet.” ~ David Suzuki


Have you ever thought about why certain fruits, vegetables and plants grow and thrive only in certain areas under specific conditions?

Lets look at 8 reasons why it is so important to eat the foods that are grown right outside your front door.

♥ 1.  Weather and soil plays a key role in how vegetation survives and thrives.

Each season, certain produce thrive based off of the conditions in which it is growing. It has learned to adapt and survive these conditions. Therefore when we eat it, it will provide our bodies with the same adaptogens that we need to survive and thrive in those conditions.

♥ 2. The fresher the better.

Have you ever wondered how far some produce has travelled to get to you, and what that travel time does to the freshness of the  produce? For instance, I love bananas and living in North America, I know that bananas are not local to the area, they have had to travel at least 3-5,000 kms to get to me. So when they picked the banana, was it green, did it ripen on the truck and how many nutrients has is lost, not being able to ripen on the vine, tree or bush? How fresh can it be by the time it gets to me. This leads me to the next point…

♥ 3. Local tastes better.

Back to the bananas, I have eaten bananas all my life and have always loved them. I was in Costa Rica last year and had a banana fresh off the tree, and let me tell you, it was amazing!!! Mark, my husband who has despised bananas his entire life, even tried one and said that it tasted totally different, and better, than anything he ever remembered.

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♥ 4. Higher Nutritional Content.

By eating seasonal food that was ripened on the vine and eaten closer to when they are harvested, you are likely to get a higher nutritional value from them, then if they were stored for long periods.  So even if it is local but not seasonal, beware, as some of the nutrients will be depleted.

♥ 5. You know where your food is coming from.

I love visiting my local markets and getting to know the vendors. You can ask them questions about their produce, what kind of seeds they use, do they use pesticides or herbicides, is it fresh?

♥ 6. It is cheaper.

If you buy local and seasonal you can usually buy in bulk from your market, and since the farmer is harvesting seasonal produce in abundance you will usually get more bang for your buck.

♥ 7. It’s Eco-friendly.

Think about all the fuel that is used when you buy produce that comes from large corporate farms using massive machines to harvest, store, transport and distribute the food.

♥ 8. You’re supporting local economy where ever you live.

By investing in produce that is local you are supporting local business and economy and having a voice against bigger corporations, who are only in business to make money and not feed or support your community.

Spending the summer with my family on an Independent Organic farm really opened our eyes to the importance of eating and supporting local farmers. They work so hard and in unforgivable conditions most of the time, but love what they do. Their hearts and souls go into every seed planted, every sprout unearthed and every crop produced, and I give them credit and immense thanks for helping feed my family and yours every single day! xo

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