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8 ways to “Add in”

When trying to eat healthy, the first thing that I like to tell my clients is not to take away or deprive themselves of anything, but to “Add in“, and more specifically to add in your vegetables.

Adding in is a great way to get what your body needs when starting to eat right!


If you focus on the positive of adding in as opposed to the negative of taking away, you not only gain the amazing benefits of eating good whole foods, but you set your mental health up for success as well.  Eating well is not just about what you put into your mouth, but how you feel about what you put in your mouth. It is just as much about choosing the right foods as it is about not feeling guilty or deprived.

What are “whole foods” you may be asking? Whole food are anything with 1 ingredient. Food that is not processed or has had anything added to it. It is what you can take right from the earth and put in your mouth.

Balanced Bloom add in vegetables


So lets look at 8 great ways to “Add in” your vegetables: 

♥ 1. Soups – My dad once told me that his friends Mother used to have a stock pot on the back of the stove cooking all the time. She would add in any vegetables (and I’m sure whatever else) were left over from prepping or had gone uneaten to the pot to make a soup. The soup was different every time, but what a great way to use up extra food and be creative at the same time!

♥ 2. Salads – This is pretty easy, you can put almost any vegetable in a salad and make it fun by adding in fruit, quinoa or chicken.

♥ 3. Smoothies – Blending up kale, spinach, carrots or cucumber is a great way to add in. You can also juice up your vegetables if you have a juicer and then add that to your smoothie.

♥ 4. Snack – A great and healthy way to curb that 3 p.m. hunger pang is to snack on carrots, peppers and celery with humus…yum.

♥ 5. Sides – Instead of doing up carrots or cauliflower the same way every time, vary up your sides, combine them together, add different spices and replace the usual potato or bread with an additional veg like mashed cauliflower.

♥ 6. Sandwiches – Use things like portobello mushrooms, tomatoes or swiss char as a quasi bun and fill it with your favourite sandwich toppings.

♥ 7. Be creative – shed new light on old “un-liked” vegetables from your past or try a new vegetable with a great new recipe.

♥ 8. Eat local & in season – go to your local farmers market and pick up what’s grown locally and in season…remember to Be Creative. 😉

I love using these 8 ways to get in my vegetables every day. I hope they have inspired you to have some fun in the kitchen and learn to eat healthier so you can feel great in mind, body and spirit.

Buon Appetito! xo



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