Earthing with Ease

Have you ever walked barefoot through the grass, water or sand, and felt the calming connection with the Earth?

Then you’ve experienced Earthing with ease, it’s that simple and that wonderful!


What is Earthing?

Balanced Bloom Earthing


How does it work?

Living our day to day lives, our bodies generate and accumulate unpaired electrons called “free radicals” which are formed through everyday bodily functions, such as metabolism, as well as from external environmental factors like alcohol, EMR, pesticides and pollution. This leaves our body in a positive state. This state can cause things such as inflammation, disease and DNA damage that leads to premature aging…yikes!

Balanced Bloom emr

When we “earth” the negative electrons found in the earth help neutralize or discharge these free radicals and balance out the body in a safe and effective manner.

You may be asking yourself, does it really work?

There have been studies and research done on this topic specifically over the last few years, but one of the most influential people in this ground breaking study is Dr. Clinton Ober.


As you just saw there are many benefits of Earthing

♥ Improved sleeping

♥ Decreasing blood viscosity = decreased heart attack and stroke

♥ Increased relaxation

♥ Decreased stress and anxiety

♥ Reduction of Inflammation and pain

♥ Reduced electro sensitivity

There are a few different ways that you can Earth:

♥ the soles of the feet allow you to connect through walking;

♥ swimming in a lake, pond, river or ocean;

♥ laying or sitting on the ground; and,

♥ you can also purchase earthing mats or earthing sheets.

The way I look at it, even if you’re a skeptic, what harm can be done by partaking in this wonderfully freeing and enjoyable activity and allowing your feet to soak in the warm sand, and get a great massage while walking through the grass and earth.

Getting a better understanding of what Earthing is and how it works in the body has made my love of walking barefoot even more rewarding.

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