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Education is Key

Over the last 18 months’ things have changed dramatically for me and my family in regards to our health, wellness and overall understanding of what it all means.

I have always tried to be healthy, remain active and live what I believed to be a healthy lifestyle, and even though it definitely doesn’t come naturally, I work my butt off to keep things in check. In doing so, I’ve tried many different things to help me achieve my goals and while most of them worked in the short term, they didn’t last. It would leave me frustrated, tired and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong!

Finally, I began to do research, watch documentaries, talk and listen to educated people, went back to school and really began to understand my connection and relationship with food. It is amazing what you can learn if you are guided by the right people and look at the bigger picture. In a world full of busy schedules, fast food and quick fixes, no wonder we are all stressed out, overfed, undernourished, toxic and generally unhappy with our health.

We are all unique individuals, not cookie cutter beings, with our own stories to tell, and what works for one does not work for all. This is why it is so important to educate yourself, look at your life, set your goals and then you can begin to understand what you need to make the changes that will not only work for you, but will become easy to implement as your daily lifelong routine. This is where I really began to not only make the changes needed to live healthy (one step at a time), but have them stick around.

I’ve done Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and worked out tirelessly at the gym, and while they all gave me the results I wanted in the short term, once I reached my goal, I began to slack off and thought confidently to myself, “I’ve got this”. Until weeks or months later when I stopped counting my points, or eating the tiny (and let me tell you) not so delicious pre fabbed meals, or couldn’t make it to the gym every day because life got away from me. These programs try and teach you how to control calories, fat and portions, and while they all have good intentions at heart and may work for some, they just weren’t giving me what I needed and I found that keeping up with them was not for me. Unfortunately, I hearĀ of moreĀ stories like mine than those big companies care to admit.

As a student (long ago…lol) back in high school, I remember studying for tests, and while memorizing and skimming worked some of the time, the majority of the time when I took the time to really learn and understand the how’s and whys of things, it made things a whole lot easier come test day. Life is much like this, there are certain things that we can get by on with just memorizing and skimming, but when it comes to the important things that you want to stick with you, it is much easier if you truly understand and make a connection with it.

So be that perpetual student, learn to not only listen to your body and what it is telling you, but educate yourself on how to respond to it and what effect it will have on you in the long term. Yes, we all want to lose that dreaded holiday weight or get back in to our pre-baby clothes, but whatever your goal is, don’t let it be reached by quick fixes and too good to be true promises. Take your health back into your hands, remember you are human, always have a positive attitude and truly begin to understand what it means to live well.





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