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Mind Body Rebound

In the process of becoming a holistic nutrition coach and entrepreneur I have found many tips and tricks that work for me to use along the way to making sure that I keep my mind and body on the right track. Using things such as yoga, meditation, mindful eating & holistic nutrition, taking time each day for me and continually educating myself through, books, articles and documentaries, helps keep me balanced in my constantly changing day to day life.

I like to think of this as my Mind Body Rebound.

Very similar to muscle memory, except it deals with more than just my muscles and how they can recall specific motor tasks through repetition. It has to do with my mind and body being able to easily recall how it wants to feel alive, healthy and energetic, even when I fall off the wagon, and it allows me to bounce back quicker.

Over the years my mind and body have gone through many changes. I have been overweight, then normal weight, pregnant twice, on and off weight loss programs, battled depression and SAD syndrome. I have been through this ever-evolving journey and I am able to build balance in my life now, it was not easy to get here, to teach and train my mind and body how I wanted them to feel, and even though this struggle took time and I had to understand what worked for me through trial and error, it has been totally worth it. Being healthy is more than just eating well and exercising regularly, it is about changing the way you think about your health. I’ve learned over the years it’s not only about what’s going into your mouth and how many hours you spend at the gym, but more importantly whats going on in between your ears.

Before I found this balance, I would spiral into fits of being healthy and then unhealthy, fit then fat, highs and lows. For me, and I’m sure many of you, it would begin with Fall turning to Winter, then Christmas and all the goodies, then long cold nights and short cold days. This would affect not only my body but more dramatically my mind. The infamous saying between Mark and I became, “We’ll start on Monday”, followed by eating and drinking mindlessly over the weekend, eating well and exercising through the week, only to begin the vicious cycle again on Friday. It was a game I really got tired of playing.

I have found that I still have those moments, whether it’s a week vacation, Christmas holidays or the month of February…brrr, but getting myself back to centre is so much easier, as not only my body, but my brain have become well-adjusted and quickly fall back in line to feeling good.

My suggestion to you is to build balance in your life however you can, but instead of just focusing on your eating habits and your fitness level, don’t forget to work on changing your mental outlook. Feel good not only in your body, but also in your mind, that way when life hits you with s%*t and knocks you down (because we all know it’s going to), you can pick yourself up, wipe yourself off and keep bouncing back to feeling great in mind and body. Namaste.



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